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00-11 published on No Comments on 00-11

I hated doing the background because I don’t enjoy drawing random characters who I’ll most likely NEVER use again. We’ll see. You never know, right?
So… that might explain why on one side of the church we’ve got a full set of people and on the other side it’s a bunch of shadow people lol. But it is something I’m definitely  looking to work on in the future 😀
I did want the fight between Hel and the ghoul girl, Emilia to be the main focus as well as Hel’s words/thoughts. Just… seems far more important that characters I might never use.

BTW- over the weekend I’ll be looking into adding a “lore” page to the site, because in Hel’s Ferrywomen I’ve created my lore a little differently, I do plan for it it to be in alphabetical order but obviously whatever appears first in the comic will be added first and slowly edited to fit its order over time… sooooo next week you might see a lore page with “Ghouls” involved. 😉

Watch this page’s coloring process here:

Also if you want to catch a glimpse into Tuesday’s page, vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on TWC 😀

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