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00-12 published on No Comments on 00-12

WordPress was being a butt about accepting this file so I had to resize it and I made a brand new folder just for resized-wordpress pages.
seemed fitting :’D
I loved creating this page from start to finish, I think it’s my favorite page of the prologue so far?? UGH especially the green glow? I love it.
If you’re interested in seeing me create this page from scratch to final rendering then I’ve got a video for you 😀

It was a real treat to work on so I really hope you enjoy it ^-^

OH also! We got the lore page up! So far GHOULS and Ferrymen&Ferrywomen are in the lore section.
To find the LORE page it’s a drop-down section under extra. That’s where I’ll be putting any extra info about the comic! 🙂
But hey if you want a direct link:

If you’re interested in seeing a glimpse into Thursday’s page then don’t forget to vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on TopWebcomics 😀



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