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04-45 published on No Comments on 04-45

Okay, raise your hand if you had already assumed that Kurtis is actually Hel’s son….
Here you go. You get a piece of your favorite treat.

I loved working on that panel of Annie and Kurtis, as tragic as it is.
ALSO, just a reminder that there is a discord button to take you to SCORNED’s discord server, it’s very small which is nice, I post wips there, random jokes about SCORNED or music I’m listening to/that I relate to a page. The button is on the right side of the screen!
…Can’t wait to see you guys next week 😉

EDIT: I just noticed that disqus has basically copy and pasted the comment section from last page to this page because of an error I made last week… I’ll try and get that fixed but uh… yeah lol

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