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04-44 published on No Comments on 04-44

Full disclosure, I just wasn’t feeling this page, so I didn’t give it much love.
ALSO, yeah, uh, Hel also has a son. Keyword, HAS a son. Anddddd… because my husbun teased me about this, when Hel says “…my son?” it’s not that she forgot about her son, it’s more like “how the heck do YOU know about my son?” I’ll probably change it for print, but for now it’s staying like that lol – I’m really happy to get back into the groove of comic making. It’s been really fun again, I hope you guys enjoy the future pages!
ALSO, I remade a discord server for my comic! It’s a new button on the right side of the screen! With Belladonna’s fat ass on it!

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