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04-17 published on No Comments on 04-17

I’m uploading this page at full-size from Patreon, but I hope it still loads well for everyone else.

Yeah, big ick. Sorry for not updating, things weren’t going according to plan and my depression was sort of just… weighing me down, to the point I wasn’t even worried about updating or not. But, exciting stuff: I’m writing a book. The book is going to be about Hel’s beginning life. I’m trying to cover the first 100 years, so it’s going to be maybe AT MOST six books, but I would love to aim for about four. I’m currently on page 166 of writing, I think another 100 pages and the first book will be done and then I can go straight into editing. I’ll definitely be updating here with more news about it as time goes on.

Anyway, details:

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