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04-16 published on No Comments on 04-16

I am – UNCOMFORTABLE – these next few pages will be getting … icky, nothing explicit will be shown, but it will obviously be hinted, so please make sure you take care of yourself and do whatever is best for your mental health. I will be turning on content warning for these pages.

As you all can see, this can’t be any good and Timothy isn’t exactly the “nice” or “good” guy in this story like some people may have thought. *oops*  I guess Adam was right in thinking Timothy’s story was fishy. Also, you may see the art quality drop down for these pages, this was during the time I was trying to keep up my schedule with my patrons but it was going terribly, so I will probably re-do these pages for print.

I have quite a few things coming up in the following weeks with my personal life, so I may end up updating on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday – mainly because I tend to forget what day it is most of the time when I’m busy. The days just fly by. If things go well, I’ll let you all know what’s up!

ANYWAY…. the usual: 

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