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04-00 published on No Comments on 04-00

AHHHH chapter four is hereeee! This chapter’s title is based off of Melanie Martinez’s song, Dead to Me. It’s probably one of my favorites by her, if you’re willing, I’d say go check it out because why not??
ALSO, the comic will be updating every Monday from here on out! (I just gotta update that little schedule on the side bar lol)
AND It is the start of the new month! Which of course means I have to advertise for both my patreon and topwebcomics :p

PATREON: currently, patrons are on page four (page five this week) of SCORNED and actually for all of November my patrons will be getting double updates! (this week is a double update week for them too!) And just as an extra thank you, patrons are the only ones to receive a double update, so if you’re interested in seeing the story unfold more rapidly, then just for $1 or $2 dollars per month you can get access to the story ahead of time, WAY ahead of everyone else and to extra goodies! Like this chapter cover I made??? There’s a speed paint for it there too!

TOPWEBCOMICS: Topwebcomics is free to vote! You can just click the link here: topwebcomics! and just vote! It’ll help the comic raise its popularity(??) and new people can discover it! It’s a really nice way of kind of helping the comic out without putting too much effort into it <3  But of course, if you could share the comic itself, that would be amazing and really awesome of you!

Okay, I’m out! Next week we’ll get the official first page to the comic!

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