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03-07 published on No Comments on 03-07

I’ve been nose deep in commissions that I almost forgot to post this page! Anyway, you can tell that Daddy Beaumont is not taking this whole thing lightly, but he’s also not being a massive butthead either, I think. He’s just protective of his daughter, but Mommy Beaumont is way more chill about this whole situation. These two parents are totally opposites from each other, Thomas believes in waiting for marriage, doing the right thing, etc, Daisy believes in doing everything you can while young and making mistakes and learning from them…. or “doing” mistakes hehehehehehe

anyway, I’m currently holding a sale on my full body commissions! Instead of a starting price of $120 it’s $100! I have 2 out of 5 slots available! If you’re interested feel free to look at my google doc!

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