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03-08 published on No Comments on 03-08

I like to think Thomas is just nit-picking everything about Kurtis. But understandably so. I mean, who would want their teenage daughter to date another teenager who drinks/smokes? Not a lot of people. But as Daisy said, Annie has been a good influence on Kurtis 🙂 also sorry for the delay in the update! Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary with my honey-bunny so we were away for a bit! I had my $100 starting price for full body comms end this week, currently two spots are on hold but I’ll let you guys know next week if anything changes. There will be a new sale next week, however! And since I only update Thursdays, I’ll let my readers know ahead of time that the sale will be half-off portraits! So instead of a $60 portrait it will be a starting price of $30! I’ll only have five slots so, keep an eye out for my twitter post!

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