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03-05 published on No Comments on 03-05

Ladies and Gentlemen, Evina Black, here to tear families apart. :’D lmao

Truthfully, Evina wouldn’t just ask this for no reason, it’s probably important to her.
Daddy Beaumont so confident that his daughter wasn’t sinning, but nope, she saw that big shiny apple that is Kurtis and took more than a bite apparently.
But I adooooooore Daisy’s face as she’s trying to avoid her husband lmao like “NOPE I don’t know anything, do not look at meeee”

Also last page there was a comment about making things more clear for the dates/time passage, there’s no room for editing in chapter 3, but it is something I could go back for, for printing or future chapters, I was curious if anyone would be interested in a more specific time stamp during each scene change??
Such as the first page I pointed it out it was Orange, Texas, but I could probably do something like “Orange, Texas – (insert date)” or “Orange, Texas – one week after Annie’s turning” whichever one is more fitting/probably based off of each scenario. Just an example.
I try to avoid being specific with dates because I feel like it could leave me no wiggle room if I decide to edit or change something minor in the story.
Buuuut let me know your thoughts! I’m still trying to figure out my writing as I go and I would love to make things like time passage more clear for you!! 🙂

ALSO I COMPLETELY FINISHED CHAPTER 3!! I basically have until September to get chapter 4 started which I already have. But if everything goes SUPER AMAZING then during chapter 4 we might see the occasional double update! YAY

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