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02-31 published on No Comments on 02-31

Yes, Annie, I too slip and accidentally punch my mirror so fierce that I break all the way through and damage the wall as well, AND I bleed but have no reaction to it. NO SUCH THING AS MISTAKES, JUST HAPPY ACCIDENTS RIGHT?

Also Annie and Hazel are being absolute cuties! Which reminds me, I need to update the cast page to include Adam, Dermot and Hazel! However it’s 10:30pm and I wanna get in bed by 11pm, so maybe by next week I’ll have it prepped and ready?? I do want a better pic of Adam too, if I’m being honest.
Also, I started a new job on Monday, which I’m happy about. This one seems way more promising and I’ve been streaming on twitch, I’m currently trying to work out a good schedule where I can balance gaming and work, so far I think I’ll be working on my comic on my days off which is 3 days off and do my gaming after my work day. 🙂

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