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02-32 published on No Comments on 02-32

Hel, being sassy and not giving a crap about if you hear her side comments. 10/10 would marry a woman like that.
They do always say the short ones are the feisty ones. She may not be able to reach your face to slap it but she sure can punch you in the dick. Or vagina. Whatever you wanna pack down there.

Also, yes, vampires do have great hearing, they also have a great sense of smell and vision. But it is 10x better at night. 😀
So, spooky season has begun! I can’t wait for us to go through it together! Even if it is just once a week.
I hope October treats you well! 🙂
Also, the character page has been updated! We’ve got Adam, Dermot and Hazel there!

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