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02-07 published on No Comments on 02-07

Oh, Hel, you’ve got a little something-something on your face.

Sorry for the shameless self promo yet again, but my commissions are still open! I do have digital commissions open as well as traditional. If you’re interested feel free to contact me through either twitter ( @ aggiebun ) or my email ( aggiebun AT hotmail DOT com ) and if you’re willing to share it around as well as the comic that would be amazing. Recently I left work like 4 hours into my 10 hour shift to go to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling too good. I honestly thought that maybe I had gotten sick with COVID given that I work in a place where we’ve had 2 confirmed cases in the last 2 weeks and a total of like 14 cases since August. ( I did test NEGATIVE btw, so no COVID :D) So, I’m basically on leave until Sunday (hopefully) but because I haven’t been working here a full year I’m not getting paid for this leave. I honestly can’t tell 100% why I’m feeling ill recently. I don’t have any cold/flu symptoms, I don’t have a fever, I just get dizzy, I feel nauseous and like I’m going to pass out. Also I tend to heat up a lot and when there’s a fan the cold wind hurts my skin. Headaches have also been a thing but that’s more easily manageable, so I don’t complain too much about that. I think maybe I need the open air more and being stuck in basically a factory/warehouse for 10 hours a day makes me ill?? I’m already home all the time for art. ;-;
Anyway, I do have plans to incorporate healthier meals and eventually when the virus starts going down (I’m currently in a zipcode where the amount of sick people with covid is spiking…) I will definitely look into going on my walks again. Sorry, I know this is a huge post filled with info-dump, but any help is appreciated 🙂 thanks for reading!
Be good, stay healthy and if you want, please vote for SCORNED on Topwebcomics!   I’ve officially added a new incentive! 😉

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