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04-29 published on No Comments on 04-29

Going to have a quick heart to heart with you, lately, I’ve been feeling super crappy because I don’t really know if my comic has much of an audience anymore. Many moons ago I used to get at least 10 likes and maybe 3-5 shares on a comic update on twitter (or X…) but now it’s almost nothing. It could be that my constant leaving from time to time has caused people to sort of just fade out and maybe even just crossed SCORNED off their comic list so they don’t feel like they have to waste their time. Could be people abandoned ship when twitter became X. Could be that I drove people away. I don’t know. On the site itself, I maybe have at least three or so people who come back to leave comments, but, I don’t really know who is here, and maybe I shouldn’t be so upset because I’m in chapter four… but… I’m in chapter four… I don’t know. I was hoping that chapter 3 was going to be the chapter that really grabbed more attention and made everyone speculate.  And ch.4 is the final chapter of volume one, so I guess I was expecting more. But maybe I expected too much. Regardless, I’ll keep making my comic. Just wanted to share my sad thoughts as of late with you.
Thank you to those who have come back or stayed and kept reading or even liked and shared my comic when they saw it. It means a lot. Word of mouth helps. You help. Thank you.

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