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04-23 published on No Comments on 04-23

The gem in the hilt does look rather familiar, doesn’t it?
Also, I forgot to warn you last page, but the next 3 or 4 pages, the quality is just really low. I was at a moment in time where I didn’t feel like working on the comic but I was trying to do my best to get it done for my patrons, and I figured might as well put out what I can then take more than a year to get back into the groove… totally unlike what I did this year….

SCORNED is available on PATREON, get a chance to view SCORNED 2x/week and possibly about 10 pages ahead of regular scheduling! Also get a chance to look at behind-the-scenes content and vote in polls! All for $2/month!

VOTE for SCORNED on TOPWEBCOMICS! Help SCORNED rise in the rankings to attract new readers! Also, you can get a little preview to a future page!

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