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03-19 published on No Comments on 03-19

Cat Barf GIFs | Tenor


That was me when I was writing this script. I just felt so icky. I think this was one of the pages I was dreading the most when it came to writing because I was just like “this is gross, I hate myself right now and I’m sure my readers will never look at me the same” – luckily on patreon, some people said they get it and understand the tactic.

Anyway, I am slowly moving along with chp.4! I’m so excited. We’re finally gonna start going back to double updates with chapter 4! Well… occasional double updates. I plan to do it where only pages that seems to connect to each other will be a double update week. Aaaand I’m pretty sure chapter 4 is the very last chapter to volume 1?? I could be wrong. There’s always going to be some edits here and there. I know I definitely want to fix up chapter 1 and chapter 2 before print and maybe do some things here and there for chapter 3. I also have to complete the “in between” chapters. The little mini filler chapters to help cover more ground, something that happened in the story but wasn’t necessary for the audience, but gives a little bit of a deeper connection, I think. I do believe that before I finish those up, I think it would be best for me to actually edit whatever chapters I want for print to make sure the “in between” chapters make sense. Such as, for chapter 1, I actually want to edit the story around a little which could affect the filler chapter for it, for chapter 2 I want to also do some story editing, but not too much.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling. I know I’ll probably go into this wayyyy into the future!!

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