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03-17 published on No Comments on 03-17

I hope things are slowly becoming pieced together in the puzzle for you guys.
I know one update per week and the few weeks that I missed updating probably doesn’t help.

I did mention to my patrons that I’m hoping with chapter 4 I will be able to do occasional double updates, updates where it makes sense, such as let’s say a fight sequence or a continuous argument that’s really important to the story, etc.
I have fallen behind with my buffer, so I guess I’ll see if I can still offer that up for next chapter, no promises. But I am slowly working back on it again. I’ve actually made a few edits to chapter 4 which I think will hold everything together a little better and also offer up more answers! Especially since there’s a high chance chapter 4 will be the final chapter for volume one!
ANYWAY, that’s it from me! I hope you guys have been good!

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