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02-34 published on No Comments on 02-34

Oooo hohoho well, isn’t that a lovely change of scenery?

I have no idea what to write here, I’m close to finishing chapter 2!! Currently sketching page 39 out of 45 (possibly 46) so that’s exciting!! I’ve also been hugely debating if I want to take a longer break than usual or not after chapter 2 is done because these last few pages are absolutely going to kick my ass and I would love to start working on a permanent schedule… but life is a bit messy right now and I’m unsure what I really wanna do/should do.

Anyway, if you could vote for SCORNED on TWC that would be lovely!
Also, if you want to go the extra mile and support the comic financially then head over to PATREON and get some sweet perks!

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