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04-37 published on No Comments on 04-37

Hi all! Thanks for waiting!
I’ve been a little busy these last few weeks, I’ve had so many doctor appointments, I’ve become a Dungeon Master and I’ve been running a homebrew game every Sunday and then I’ve been trying to pick up my small etsy business of making TTRPG dice and also I’m going to be putting my book services up again out there very soon.
My father has told me yet again he plans to leave to Brazil, (I forgot if I said this) but originally he was meant to go to Brazil last year and just never went, while I did my best to scramble to try and get a full-time job to be able to afford it then after the issues with my back arose I could no longer work that full-time job and I’ve been in Physical Therapy. And then I’m meant to be getting surgery around July so it’s like “really, now you’re planning on going to Brazil?” but it is what it is.
I will most likely forget to update the designated SCORNED day every other week, but trust me, I love this comic, I just have a lot on my mind… and well… in it.

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