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04-15 published on No Comments on 04-15

AHHH! It’s been what? 50 years? Probably something like that at this point lol, anyway, SCORNED is not dead and I still have so much love for this comic and there’s so much more I plan to do! So fear not!!

Similar to what I said when I updated again in January, this whole time I’ve been mourning the loss of my fur baby and it was a very long and depressing few months and since him I really haven’t 100% bounced back to what I used to be. I have no drive to work on anything, I can barely keep a job because of how bad my anxiety gets but regardless, I really am trying to push through. I loved Maximus and I still do love him so dearly, and I really appreciate him being such a big part of my life, he was with me through my last year of high school, he was with me through a break up, through the start of a new relationship, getting my first job, getting my driver’s license, going to culinary school, and then of course, he was with me when I was both sad and happy and I love that little guy so much. I will be including him in the comic in some way.

Anyway, the usual:

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