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03-10 published on No Comments on 03-10

Oooooo we are getting to the juicy bits!!! We’re now currently in the present timeline, so no back and forth for now.
I’ve been so excited for us to reach this part!! AHHHH!!

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far! I’ve been horribly busy and stressing because I’ve been trying to go back to school but because my dumbass hopped on the whole credit thing a little too late in life (like I got my first ever credit card earlier this month) I don’t have a credit score and so far a student loan has been denied and the only person in my life who can cosign one, can’t because their credit is only “fair” and not “good” – and unfortunately it seems my school is not supported by a lot of a lot of places that offer student loans??? Anyway – it means that I might have to do a different program with the school where I apparently have to pay $500 per month + interest and I’m just UGHHH – but I really want this. So might as well, right?

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