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03-09 published on No Comments on 03-09

Man, I loved making Evina do the air quotes with “nice guy” – it’s kind of a subject that always pissed me off. Normally when people claim to be nice, they’re really not. OR they are until they don’t get what they want. A truly nice person doesn’t let no’s or disagreements change their colors. Can they get upset? Absolutely. Can you end up fighting with a nice person? Of course. But at the end of the day the nice person had no ill intentions or were deceiving the other person but… “nice” people are nice if it benefits them or if they have an end goal in mind.
ALSO real nice people don’t talk about how nice they are. They *are* just nice. And that’s it.

I’ve had a crazy week so I kind of forgot to update last night. But I hope you’re all doing good and thank you again for checking out my comiccccccc!!

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