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03-03 published on No Comments on 03-03

Evina giving that good cold stare at Timothy…

I hope you guys enjoy the transitions, throughout this chapter we’ll have *some* transitions through time,  nothing too crazy, very minimal I think? Originally I think it was going to be A LOT of memory digging and all that, but I felt like I didn’t need to do that, the writing turned out fine without it, I think!

OH! So recently I got a new wacom stylus BUT I GOT A SLIM PEN AND DUUUUDE it is painful to use and I don’t even know why. It’s about as thick as most pencils/pens I use anyway. I’m debating actually returning it and just getting my regular one. The only reason I went with the slim pen because it was slightly cheaper than mine.

ANYWAY, that’s all I got to discuss today!
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