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SCORNED IS BACK! Even though this is just the cover to chapter 3, it’s still the first page lmao – listen, a girl needs a buffer! Especially this one who went on multiple hiatuses last year – I’m honestly super excited for this chapter. I hope even with just one page per week you will all still find this very entertaining :]]]
I’ve been SUPER hard at work with this chapter and I got almost 16 out of 27 pages done:

I’m super excited to finish this chapter. I’m hoping I can get pages 16-20 finished completely by March and during March I’m hoping to finish the last seven pages! :]

Also I should mention that this chapter’s title is in reference to the song Bones by MSMR, it is a great song and this is actually Annie’s theme song kind of. It just fits well with her story and others involved in it.
In case you didn’t know, all of my chapters are titled after song titles or lyrics in a particular song.
I do plan to do a revamp of chapter 1 & 2’s cover, when I update that I will link the songs!

ANYWAY, that’s all I got to share!! I’ll see you next week!!! AHHHHH :DDDDD

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