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02-26 published on No Comments on 02-26

So, originally I thought I was gonna have a lot of fun working on this page but I did nooooot. Perspective is just so hard to work with some times lol and I wanted to try my best to establish a shot, show some full-body here and there, just… really show the space in where they are.
Anyway, I’ve been away for this week but hopefully when I get back I can go back into comic-mode and work really hard, I’m currently working on page page 32-35 with sketching and I cannot wait to see this chapter end.
Mainly because I really think chapter 3 is gonna be fun 🙂
Anyway, I’m not even gonna attempt that side bar again, so, if you could click here to vote for SCORNED on TWC, that would be AMAZING.
Also I’ve got a new art print up on my shop here.

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