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02-11 published on No Comments on 02-11

Hel’s stare is the definition of death stare, If looks could kill, amirite? I’m curious about who she’s talking about. (not really, I know who she’s talking about)
For those who are curious about the sticker set…. LOOK

Doesn’t it look so good???? I’m so beyond happy with how it’s turned out.  (there are only four sheets displayed here but there are a total of 10 sheets per set) I’m unfortunately running a day behind my desired schedule, so all of Thursday I’m gonna have to do the printing sessions, I worked basically all day Wednesday on ONE book mark, BLEGH D: I wanted to at least do two, but it’s okay. THINGS HAPPEN. The important part is getting the sticker set ready! Since I have limited paper I do have to do a stock management, so I can’t just freely print when people order, I have to print them all and then set them up. SO MUCH STUFF. Don’t forget to vote for SCORNED on TWC!! 🙂

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