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01-06 published on No Comments on 01-06

Ugh, this is a sad page. Drawing Annie like that got me allAnnie is a cutie pie, I really love her so much 🙁 (I love all my OCs tho so who am I kidding???)
Also for those interested, Scarred Eden might be returning some time in August. It’s not definite but it is what I am looking at right now, ALSO I will be re-doing the first 4 chapters (prologue – chapter 3) because I messed up on some major plot points of Beatrice’s life that make future works reallyyyy messy and… I’ve been trying to ignore it for like 8 months but I just can’t haha so I gotta fix that up.
Also even though Scarred Eden doesn’t have a site it will be posted somewhere online for sure. <3

Vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen to get a preview of the next page if you want! 

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