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01-05 published on No Comments on 01-05

Here we meet a new character! So, even though her name isn’t revealed right now, it’ll get revealed in like 4ish pages? I have said her name on my social media so I am actually adding her character to the character page today. I honestly really love this girl and I nicknamed her Beatrice 2.0 :’D lol (if you don’t get this reference then that’s because you haven’t read my other comic called Scarred Eden where the main character is a young girl named Beatrice)
Also you may notice that the LORE page is currently gone. It’s actually “under construction” I’m going to make it its own separate page and make it a parent to other pages, such as my humans/humanoids page, a beasts page and a monsters page. Then I’ll have a world-lore page but it won’t be that exciting given that it’s honestly just an alternate universe of ours but there’s creatures and magic 😀

Anyway, my $5 patrons received their mini-comic today 😉 AND if you wanna vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on topwebcomics to get a preview of Tuesday’s page then just click this whole thing to vote!!

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