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Name: Belladonna Abbandonato
Maiden name: Belladonna da Monte

Age: Around 700 years old. Stopped aging at 25.

Story:  Belladonna was born in a small village in Italy in the 1300s, about 30 years prior to the infamous Black Plague.
Belladonna was known as the most beautiful girl in her village, she had tanned olive skin, curly chestnut brown locks and smoldering brown eyes that could pierce the heart of men. Because of her rumored beauty, a Lord Lion Abbandonato, was intrigued and sought after Belladonna; at the age of 14 Belladonna had married Lion, a man already in his late 20s.
Despite the age difference, Belladonna was ecstatic to be married and was determined to make their marriage work.
For nine years their marriage was fine, but Lion grew impatient with Belladonna, he wanted a son and after years of trying she wasn’t bearing any child. From his impatience Lion had grown jealous and from his jealousy he grew aggressive. This went on for another few years until Belladonna had learned how to hide from her husband.
In the midst of her hiding she had met the most amazing man she has ever met and shortly after she was pregnant.
Five months later, Belladonna was visibly pregnant and Lord Abbandonato was happy, Bella’s child was obviously not Lion’s, but he didn’t know that.
During Belladonna’s pregnancy she would try to visit the real father of her child and on one unfortunate day, Lion had followed her.
The night had resulted in tragedy. That night Belladonna had lost not only her life but the life her baby too. Belladonna returned as a vampire and murdered Lion Abbandonato.

Appearance: Prior to Vampirism, Belladonna stood at 5’4″ with an hourglass shape, she had tanned olive skin, curly chestnut brown locks and brown eyes. After Vampirism Belladonna grew 4 inches in height, now standing at 5’8″ with olive skin that had now gone pale, her hair remained the same but her eyes had turned red, her lips are also permanently red as a result of her vampirism.
Belladonna will often be seen wearing red as that is her favorite color.

Relationships: Belladonna had obviously married Lion Abbandonato, their marriage had lasted about eleven years, during the eleven years she had an affair that resulted in her pregnancy, the man she had an affair with is unknown. Belladonna had grown into a woman of business and very rarely had true relationships, whether it was courtship or friendship. The first real person for her to develop true care and even as far as maternal instincts for was Hel. Through Hel, Belladonna met Evina who in a way, became a business partner.

Notable mentions: Belladonna kept her husband’s last name as it carried great weight in Italy, after his death she had also taken over his business to find out he had dealings in a lot of illegal activities, from trades to slavery. Belladonna did what she could and flipped the business around, she stopped the slavery but went on with some illegal trades, mostly for science. For the first few years of Belladonna taking over her deceased husband’s business, she had actually kept his death a secret and feigned that he was very ill. After years of trust and profit, Belladonna had shown great power and promise and Lion eventually became a speck of dust in history.

Extra information: Belladonna was the one to change the course of the Ferrymen, previously known as Reapers, she accomplished this with the help of Evina. The Reapers primarily went after all supernatural creatures, anyone and anything that didn’t seem “human” – but now as the Ferrymen, they were tasked with helping wayward creatures get across to the other side, whether that means death or finding peace within and trying to tame the beast, whatever the beast may be.

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